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Chairman of the Board : Distortion Fonden
Member of the Board : Muskelsvindsfonden
Member of the Board : Lejerforeningen i “Den Hvide Kødby”

Advisory board : Copenhagen Coaching Center
Advisory board : Imagine Nørrebro
Advisory board : Børn I Byen

Teach at : Projektakadamiet v. Imagine Nørrebro

Flæsketorvet 57-67
1711 København V

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Nike Lærke

Nike Lærke

Nike Lærke


Bolig Magasinest Design Awards 2008
Bedste indretning / Karriere

Foreningen til hovedstadens Forkønnelse
Initiativpris / Karriere

Fun Fearless Female
Årets Iværksætter 2009 / Lærke Hein

Byens Bedste
Fest 2008 / Karriere

Creative Business Cup 2011
Danmarks bedste kreative iværksætter / I like Locals

Best Grassroots project / Sensational Football


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Change your environment, change your mind.

It really doesn’t get any better than this. Relax amongst works by 34 of the world’s top contemporary artists. Savour the tantalizing menu in the reflective glow of an Jeppe Hein light object. Dazzle yourself with cocktails at the moving bar. Dance your a** off in the neon haze of a Franz Ackerman painting. Float away in a lounge designed by Ernesto Neto. Designed and conceptualized by artist Jeppe Hein and his sister me, Karriere sets a whole new precedence by constructing a creative interactive environment. Works are designed to challenge and provoke in a variety ways. , an experience designed to engage all the senses. The combination of art with the social space successfully balances cool, chic and elegant with warmth, openness and fun.


Karriere provides a new take on art in public with an emphasis on experience and communication through the direct involvement with the artworks. The context of the restaurant/bar is an informal and socially relaxed setting for the experience of art, as an alternative to museums and kunsthalls.

Karriere is open every thursday to saturday from 6pm until 4am.
Transforming from a restaurant to a cocktailbar and then to a beautiful night club. At night the place will feature a program of concerts, djs, artist talks, performances and screenings.
An independent newspaper has been published every year since 2007 – discussing tendencies in contemporary art and culture. The newspaper is issued quarterly, free, bilingual (Danish/English) and is available at Walther Koenig bookstores in Germany and England, as well as in all major artfairs worldwide.

We are located in the meatpacking district, Karriere is in a 680 square meter former butcher hall in the still active meatpacking district in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. The area is known for its nightlife and red light district… see you in there..
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The artists

The participating artists who are among the best in their field are all contributing with new sitespecific artworks: Franz Ackermann (GER), Kristoffer Akselbo (DK), AVPD (DK), Kenneth Balfelt (DK), Bank & Rau (DK), Massimo Bartolini (ITA), Monica Bonvicini (ITA), George Bures Miller/Janet Cardiff (CAN) Maurizio Cattelan (ITA), Gardar Eide Einarsson (NOR), Olafur Eliasson (DK/ICE), Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset (DK/NOR), Ceal Floyer (ENG), FOS (DK), Alicia Framis (SPA), Dan Graham (USA), Tue Greenfort (DK), Douglas Gordon (ENG), Natascha Sadr Haghighian (IRAN), Carl Michael von Hausswolff (SWE) Jeppe Hein (DK), Carsten Höller (GER), Jesper Just (DK), Ernesto Neto (BRA), Dan Peterman (USA), Tino Sehgal (ENG), Tomas Saraceno (ARG), Robert Stadler (FRA), Claude El Skorrari (INT), Simon Starling (ENG), Rirkrit Tiravanija (THAI/USA) and Johannes Wohnseifer (GER).


Karriere contemporary art & social life
flæsketorvet 57-67
dk – 1711 København V
t +45 3321 5509


Distortion- Celebrating Street Life

Distortion is an annual party-tsunami over Copenhagen, flooding district after district. The celebration gathers some 90.000+ people in the streets, for days of anything goes, free, block party madness. At night, Distortion hosts a music festival for rave animals and musically savvy clubgoers. Naturally, Distortion ends with an entrancing spectacular: the Final Party.

Copenhagen Distortion is the craziest annual party cavalcade in Old Europe, with 166+ dancefloors in 166+ different locations and 166+ different hosts. The Distortion fest includes massive Block Party celebrations – in the streets, for free, in the afternoon – and Club Clash events, late at night, in local bars, nightclubs and spectacular Copenhagen locations.

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Studiestraede 13d, 2.
1455 Copenhagen K
+45 3025 5010


// Korte glimt af mit Distortion // 2011 // from Martin Kundby Nielsen on Vimeo.

I Like locals- Share love for your city

“I like locals” is a space where locals share and rediscover their own cities and visitors get inspired to explore cities from a local perspective.. They guide the foreigners through their personal version of Copenhagen giving them a unique perspective, while driving through the city on a bicycle. The locals are the experts that tourists seek in order to experience authenticity in the city. “I Like Locals” ensures this encounter and makes it a fun way for locals and visitors to meet new people.

Use I like locals to:
+ Meet locals
+ Get inspired to explore new cities or rediscover your own
+ Tell your ongoing visual story from your city
+ Share and recommend your favorite local spots to others

How it works:
+ Locals share their stories in a very simple and visual way
+ Visitors get inspired to explore and start sharing their own city
+ Other locals get inspired to rediscover their own city and start sharing their personal favorites
+ People who share interests starts to meet up to share stories in the real world

Copenhagen is where we begin and we are just about to open the BETA version, and let locals share love for their city. Join us!



I like locals
Røddingegade 10, 4tv
1711 København V




Here & Away is a company that aims to combine charity here, with information and education about what is supported away. We believe that it is important to combine the two and that it is not enough, ‘just’ to pay for a clear conscience. We believe that it is important to know about the world we live in and to be aware of why there is hunger, poverty and conflicts. It is important and good to support the people affected, but often money is not enough.

Money cannot prevent conflict and poverty. Money can help and money can save lives – you can contribute to save lives by paying. More importantly, we all have to work actively to change the structures that lead to poverty, oppression and conflict. We all have a responsibility to act and to pressure decision-makers – here and away.

Here & Away is a company rooted in our hope to make the state of things a little better. It is a company started to do better, increase curiosity, create change and learn – all at the same time.

We emphasize close relations in everything we do. Here & Away has grown out of a valuable and loving relationship between two friends connected on many levels, but especially in our strong will and faith in changing the way we think about development and charity.


Malebog # 2

Den stora nordiske malebok from Me and Anton on Vimeo.

Continue drawing with Kvium, Eliasson and 82 other artists and support Red Cross

A new and unique drawing book collects 84 of the best contemporary artists in Northern Europe. Each artist has contributed with a drawing outline for children and people who are young at heart, encouraging them to engage with the drawing. And its totally legitimate to color outside the lines!

With Contributions from Olafur Eliasson, Jeppe Hein, Magnus Wallin, Camilla Løw, Fredrik Raddum and Michael Kvium The Big Nordic Color Book becomes a true wonderland for anyone who wishes to play and learn from the best contemporary Nordic artists.

The works all encompass different expressions revealing the versatility among the artists by being funny, mind-blowing, odd and curious. Each drawing awaits your pen and desire to join the fun and fantasy.

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Create art and support Red Cross

The book was published in cooperation with Red Cross in the 3 Nordic countries. Every year a fixed sum from the sales of each book goes to the organizations daily relief work and during disasters.

The idea generator behind the project, Lærke Hein, published “Color Book 1- Continue Drawing with 66 Danish Artists”, in 2010. The book has been covered in paint by many Danes in all ages and has raised over 300.000 Danish Crowns for Danish Red Cross.

Thanks to Lifeexihibitions, Mette Pape, All the way to paris, Røde Kors, me and anton and other artits.

Following artists have contributed to “DEN STORA NORDISKE MALEBOK”:

Alexander Tovborg (DK) / Anders Sletvold Moe (NO) / Andreas Emenius (SE) / Andreas Schulenburg (DK) / Aniara Omann (DK) / BigBen (NO) / Bjørn Breistøl Båsen (NO) / Camilla Løw (NO) / Camilla Thorup (DK) / Carl Michael von Hauswolff (SE) / Catrin Andersson (SE) / Cesco (NO) / Christian Jeppsson (DK) / Christin Wahlström Eriksson (SE) / Circle (SE) / Daniel Jensen (SE) / Ditte Ejlerskov (DK) / Eivind Blaker (NO) / Emil Krøyer (DK) / Espen Henningsen (NO) / Fredrik Raddum (NO) / Gudrun Hasle (DK) / Hesselholdt & Mejlvang (DK) / Husk mit navn (DK) / Jakob Boeskov (DK) / Jan S. Hansen (DK) / Jem (DK) / Jennie Sundén (SE) / Jens Fänge (SE) / Jeppe Hein (DK) / Jesper Dalgaard (DK) / Joachim Koester (DK) / Johan Furåker (SE) / Johan Strandahl (SE) / Johanna Gustafsson Fürst (SE) / Jone Kvie (NO) / Kasper Sonne (DK) / Kathrine Ærtebjerg (DK) / Kenneth Balfelt (DK) / Kerstin Persson (SE) / Kjell Nupen (NO) / Kristoffer Akselbo (DK) / Lars Arrhenius (SE) / Lars Elling (NO) / Lars Monrad Vaage (NO) / Magnus Thierfelder (SE) / Magnus Wallin (SE) / Maria Lenskjold (DK) / Marius Engh (NO) / Markus Brendmoe (NO) / Martin Skauen (NO) / Matilde Nordseth (DK) / Mette Winkelmann (DK) / Michael Kvium (DK) / Mikael Rytz (DK) / Niklas Eneblom (SE) / Olafur Eliasson (DK) / Patrik Qvist (SE) / Pay2 COD (NO) / Peter Funch (DK) / Puppet (SE) / Rubin (SE) / Rune Bosse (DK) / Runo Lagomarsino (SE) / Sara-Vide Ericson (SE) / Sebastian Helling (NO) / Smag (DK) / Soe (DK) / Sofie Berntsen (NO) Soten (DK) / STAY KD GPT (NO) / Suzanna Asp (SE) / Søren Behncke “Papfar” (DK) / Thomas Øvlisen (DK) / Trine Lise Nedreaas (NO) / Troels Carlsen (DK) / Troels Sandegård (DK) / Ulrik Crone (DK) / Ulrik Schiødt (DK) / Ulrik Weck (DK) / Viggo Mörck (SE) / Willem Andersson (SE) / Øivin Horvei (NO) / Åsa Norberg (SE)

Malebog # 1- A color book with double purpose

Malebog! from Me and Anton on Vimeo.

A win win situation is what you might call this publication. It is a color book, which contains hours of fun for both children and grown-ups. Just like good children books and movies this color book reveals many aspects and layers, which embraces and provides entertainment for all ages. At the same time the book has another purpose and that is to help others in need. Each time a book is sold, money is sent to the Danish Red Cross- Katastrofefonden.

Out of an amazing group of significant artists each individual brings orignalty to the table, like Papafar (Søren Benche) with his version of “The Three Little Pigs” and Kathrine Ærtebjerg who invites us to a divine universe with her characteristic lines. And from the world of music Stig Pedersen from “D.A.D” lets the drawing bring us round the world while Nikolaj Rasted from “Hej Matmetik” reveals a city built by speakers. TV personalities Signe Lindkvist and Jan Elhøj have also emerged themselves into the creative universe and contribute with their unique drawings.

p=. Billedstripm1
Many thanks to GAD, Mette Pape, All the way to paris, Røde Kors, me and anton and all the artists.

Following artists have contributed to the book:

Alexander Tovborg / Andreas Emenius / Andreas Schulenburg / Aniara Omann / Anika Lori / AVPD / Bardur Oskarsson / Bibi Ghost / Camilla Thorup / Christian Jeppsson / Christian Stadil / Damn 1 / Done / Emil Krøyer / Frank Ziyanak, The Wong Boys / Frodo Mikkelsen / Henrik Vibskov/ Hesselholdt & Mejlvang / HuskMitNavn / Ingen Frygt / Isoe / Jacob Bjørk / Jan Elhøj / Jan S. Hansen / Jem / Jens Haaning / Jeppe Hein / Jesper Dalgaard / Jes Brinch / Joachim Koester / Julie Nord / Kathrine Ærtebjerg / Kenneth Balfeldt / Kim Møller / Kristoffer Akselbo / Mads Lynnerup / Majken Bentner / Maria Lenskjold / Marie Fisker / Matilde Nordseth / Mia Jexen & Malthe Fischer, Oh No Ono / Mikkel Olaf Eskildsen / Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild, When Saints Go Machine / Nikolaj Rasted, Hej Matematik / Nils Brakchi / Peter Funch / Rasmus Høj Mygind / Reks / Rens / Rolf Munck Petersen / Rune Bosse / Signe Lindkvist / Sketch / Skiny / Stig Pedersen, D-A-D / Søren Behnke, Papfar / Søren Fauli / Thomas Poulsen, Foss / Thomas Øvlisen / Tina Dickow / Torben Ribe / Troels Carlsen / Tue Greenfort / Ulrik Crone / Ulrik Schiødt / Ulrik Weck

Right to Movement

What we are

Right to Movement is a global running community with runners and established communities all over the world running for the basic human right to freedom of movement.

How are we different?

We are a non-profit, non-religious and non-politic social movement. Running is our base. Storytelling is our tool. We don’t ask for your charity – we ask for your involvement. For your action.


Right to Movement came into existence in April 2013, as a conceptual bi-product of the inaugural event Palestine Marathon. Under the slogan “Right to Movement”, we held the first ever Palestine Marathon to promote the basic human right to freedom of movement as stipulated under Article 13 in the Human Rights Charter – and to tell a new story about Palestine.

After the Palestine Marathon runners from all over the world, ourselves included, wanted more. Runners wanted to keep running with the Palestinian runners in their own home towns and countries, and wanted to promote the Right to Movement elsewhere by physically claiming it. As part of holding the Palestine Marathon, three Right to Movement communities were established in Palestine and soon more followed in Denmark, Jordan, the UK, Ghana and the US order essay online contributing to building the global running community we are today.


We call on runners of all levels.
We run to manifest our Right to Movement.
We run for those and with those who are deprived of that right.
We run to tell stories.
We run to build bridges instead of walls.
We run to inspire you to do the same.


Signe Fischer Smidt
Co-founder and runner
Signe is a human rights defender struggling to find her way to change, influence and move the many systems depriving people of their basic rights. Signe has studied international development studies, worked for 4 years for a Danish NGO in the Middle East based in East Jerusalem which is where she got the idea for the Palestine Marathon. Now she is working with international development and policy-making. Her experience with development policy and human rights has several times left her in despair as the political structure put in place to ensure respect to human rights are not capable or allowed to solve the job. What she learned is that systems aren’t facilitation change. People are, It is people who facilitate and make change. Not systems.

Lærke Hein
Co-founder and runner
Lærke is a well-known Copenhagen-based entrepreneur. Besides running she has a passion for football. Previously she has been working as a Chairman of the Board for Distortion Festival and today she works as an event planner for Politiken, one of the leading newspapers in Denmark. Her good friendship with Signe has inspired her to use her skills to create social change. “We can all make a difference in this world if we want to”. Her passion is telling positive stories through events, arts and people. For her, Right to Movement is about manifesting our human right to move around the world.

Palestine Marathon

An entrepreneurial, non-profit running for the basic human right to movement The Palestine Marathon is a collaborative event arranged by a number of organizations and individuals. The main organizers are The Palestine Olympic Committee and Right to Movement, but we work with a large number of dedicated people.

Movement. A human right. Running is a means of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans and other animals to move rapidly on foot. Having the right to move means that you have the choice, possibility, and right to move from A to B at any time and for any reason. The right to movement is a basic human right as stipulated in Article 13 of the UN Human Rights Charter

Everyone has the right to freedom of movement

Telling a different story of Palestine Everyone has the right to freedom of movement, but not everyone has the option. Restriction on movement is one of the major challenges for the Palestinian people living under occupation. Palestinians cannot move freely on roads, or from one city to another. The Palestinians right to movement is controlled by their ID, permits, which city they live in, or who they are married to. Ever been through Qalandia? Then you know why we do this! The State of Palestine does not even control the full olympic marathon distance of 42,195 KM. This is why we do it. We also do it cause Palestine as any other country should have their own marathon. We want to contribute to building a running culture in Palestine, where men and women, boys and girls can run together. We want to show more people and runners Palestine and the Palestinians. We want to contribute to telling a different story. We want to move. Come move with us.

Palestine Marathon

Restriction on movement is one of the major challenges for the Palestinian people living under occupation. They cannot travel freely on roads and not go from one city to another. Where they can go depends on their ID, whether they have a permit or which city they belong in or who they are married to. They do not have a state, and their lands are controlled by a foreign army – that army controls their movement with roadblocks, checkpoints, military zones, an illegal wall and a complex set of discriminatory laws. The EU and the US talks about a two-state solution, an independent Palestine – but we cannot find the 42 KMs needed for a marathon. Not only 42 KMs of an area, which are supposed to be an independent state are controlled by the Palestinian themselves. This is why we do it.

We also do it to show that the Palestinians not only are capable of having a marathon, but is capable of statehood and self-determination. That they are people who love their land and have a lot to offer – to you and to each other. We want to show more people, and runners, Palestine and the Palestinians. We want to contribute to tell a different story than the one of conflict and hate. We want to move. Move things.

Move with us.


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CKU_logo_RGB-small CKU_logo_RGB-small CKU_logo_RGB-small

Ayslum united- Empowerment through soccer

Asylum United is the first refugee soccer league in the world. Our ambition is to create a soccer league where women from asylum centers play matches, build communities and friendships. After 6 months training its looks like it’s finally happening and within the next year we can start a conversation with the women about their ambition regarding the sport. Our goal is that Asylum United becomes an active part of the Danish sport unions so the woman can create relations and develop their network, and at the same time the Danish unions can develop a deeper cultural understanding.

We imagine that all this will all lead to a league under the DBU, where all refugee centers can enroll their teams with different premises based on age, for example a minimum age of 30. Apart from that we also want to build a bridge between the unions and the asylum centers so that women who don’t have access to a team at their own center can join one that belongs to DBU.


The project is about making an important difference for many women and children in the Danish refugee centers. Physical activity can be a catalyst for female self-confidence and if Danish residence is approved it also helps getting integrated into the Danish society. It’s an effort to help promote integration through women’s soccer so that they can believe in, and act on a better future. Through respect and understanding for the situation they are in we want to give them tools so they can take courage and pride in contributing to the community. We experience that a woman with a soccer ball under her arm feels more powerful and energetic which affects the people around and her view on the Danish society. Women in refugee centers are especially in need of empowerment to cope with the drastically different society they have involuntarily become a part of. It also gives them a better chance of coping with the refusal of Danish residence.

Furthermore our vision is to spread the message about being able to volunteer and making a difference from where you are. We want to create change that can spread like rings in the water and have an effect outside of the Danish borders. Soccer is the words largest sport and therefore creates a setting, which can be fun and insightful for everybody participating- no matter the starting point.
We have been working hard to create a platform where the women feel at ease and have faith in the project. That’s why we come back week after week and practice no matter what.

Sensational 1- a soccer ball revolution

The debate over equal rights in sports may be heating up again. With female athletes two to eight times more likely to suffer a sports injury, coaches around the world have criticized the focus in youth sports on performance rather than injury prevention and game development.
Sensational Football, a progressive company now going worldwide with Sensational 1, a new women’s soccer ball. At 12 ounces and 26 inches circumference (360 grams, 67 cm) the ball is lighter than the traditional size 5 ball currently used in football (a ball developed to men). Sensational 1 is calculated by scientists to make sure we ended up with the most suitable and perfect ball for wom-en. It is supported by the Danish Football Association. It is currently being used in games in Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

bold Just as important as cutting down injuries is the ability to create a faster and more fun game for the players and the audience. More goals from the distance, more skills performed on the field, could turn women’s football into a TV darling. According to research conducted by Silke Sinning, a leading professor from the Institute for Sports Sciences at the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany, 66% of the test players thought the Sensational 1 ball performed better than the Adidas Jabulani, the official match ball of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa (a ball equivalent to the women’s Speedcell ball, used at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany).

The Sensational 1 ball has been tested for performance since 2008. We know we are up against some huge players.. But since they seem not to care so much about the girls – we will embrace the battle and trust that women of today dare to say "we want to be treated special, we want the best equipment to develop our skills, we want to have fun without the fear of injuries – like you would ever give Messi a ball 7 without people around him going through the roof.

Sensational street soccer

Sensational Street Soccer was nominated/honored Best Grassroots Project by UEFA.

For the last eight years, we have done street and music festival football/soccer tournaments.
Thousands of women have played over the years. We have worked closely together with companies like Cover, Metroxpress, ELLE, Hummel, Roskilde Music Festival, Cola Light, and Ga-jol. We want to reach the urban woman, who will go play even if she has never touched a ball before.




Malebog, Tegn videre med 66 danske kunstnere (2010)

Den Stora Nordiske Malebok (2011)

Forstandig Ledelse (2012)

Karriere #1 / Karriere (2008)

Karriere #2 / Karriere (2009)

Karriere #3 / Small things (2010)

Karriere #4 / Big things (2012)

Karriere #5 / People – Human resource (2012)


RABAL er Københavns musikscene for børn og unge.
I 2009 og 2010 rykkede RABAL ind i Pumpehuset og VEGA.
RABAL arrangerer koncerter for børnefamilier i weekender og ferier og for skoler og institutioner på hverdage.
Privatpersoner er selvfølgelig også velkomne på hverdage – billetter købes i døren.

RABAL er gang i gaden, smæk på sanserne, plads til fordybelse og forunderlige indslag!

Foreningen Rabal – Børnekultur
Flæsketorvet 57-67
1711 København

Foreningen RABAL


YoungBeats er den korteste vej til et spillejob for danske bands/artister.

Et godt liveband giver publikum både en stor visuel og musikalsk oplevelse. Og ideen med YoungBeats er netop at udfordre upcoming bands/artister på deres visuelle og musikalske udtryk – hvor bands/artister præsenterer deres musikvideoer for et stort, musikelskende publikum.

YoungBeats er “power to the people”. Brugerne lytter, ser og stemmer deres favorit tættere på et spillejob på en fed og professionel scene.

Flæsketorvet 57
1711 København V