Distortion- Celebrating Street Life

Distortion is an annual party-tsunami over Copenhagen, flooding district after district. The celebration gathers some 90.000+ people in the streets, for days of anything goes, free, block party madness. At night, Distortion hosts a music festival for rave animals and musically savvy clubgoers. Naturally, Distortion ends with an entrancing spectacular: the Final Party.

Copenhagen Distortion is the craziest annual party cavalcade in Old Europe, with 166+ dancefloors in 166+ different locations and 166+ different hosts. The Distortion fest includes massive Block Party celebrations – in the streets, for free, in the afternoon – and Club Clash events, late at night, in local bars, nightclubs and spectacular Copenhagen locations.

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// Korte glimt af mit Distortion // 2011 // from Martin Kundby Nielsen on Vimeo.