Here & Away is a company that aims to combine charity here, with information and education about what is supported away. We believe that it is important to combine the two and that it is not enough, ‘just’ to pay for a clear conscience. We believe that it is important to know about the world we live in and to be aware of why there is hunger, poverty and conflicts. It is important and good to support the people affected, but often money is not enough.

Money cannot prevent conflict and poverty. Money can help and money can save lives – you can contribute to save lives by paying. More importantly, we all have to work actively to change the structures that lead to poverty, oppression and conflict. We all have a responsibility to act and to pressure decision-makers – here and away.

Here & Away is a company rooted in our hope to make the state of things a little better. It is a company started to do better, increase curiosity, create change and learn – all at the same time.

We emphasize close relations in everything we do. Here & Away has grown out of a valuable and loving relationship between two friends connected on many levels, but especially in our strong will and faith in changing the way we think about development and charity.