Malebog # 1- A color book with double purpose

Malebog! from Me and Anton on Vimeo.

A win win situation is what you might call this publication. It is a color book, which contains hours of fun for both children and grown-ups. Just like good children books and movies this color book reveals many aspects and layers, which embraces and provides entertainment for all ages. At the same time the book has another purpose and that is to help others in need. Each time a book is sold, money is sent to the Danish Red Cross- Katastrofefonden.

Out of an amazing group of significant artists each individual brings orignalty to the table, like Papafar (Søren Benche) with his version of “The Three Little Pigs” and Kathrine Ærtebjerg who invites us to a divine universe with her characteristic lines. And from the world of music Stig Pedersen from “D.A.D” lets the drawing bring us round the world while Nikolaj Rasted from “Hej Matmetik” reveals a city built by speakers. TV personalities Signe Lindkvist and Jan Elhøj have also emerged themselves into the creative universe and contribute with their unique drawings.

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Many thanks to GAD, Mette Pape, All the way to paris, Røde Kors, me and anton and all the artists.

Following artists have contributed to the book:

Alexander Tovborg / Andreas Emenius / Andreas Schulenburg / Aniara Omann / Anika Lori / AVPD / Bardur Oskarsson / Bibi Ghost / Camilla Thorup / Christian Jeppsson / Christian Stadil / Damn 1 / Done / Emil Krøyer / Frank Ziyanak, The Wong Boys / Frodo Mikkelsen / Henrik Vibskov/ Hesselholdt & Mejlvang / HuskMitNavn / Ingen Frygt / Isoe / Jacob Bjørk / Jan Elhøj / Jan S. Hansen / Jem / Jens Haaning / Jeppe Hein / Jesper Dalgaard / Jes Brinch / Joachim Koester / Julie Nord / Kathrine Ærtebjerg / Kenneth Balfeldt / Kim Møller / Kristoffer Akselbo / Mads Lynnerup / Majken Bentner / Maria Lenskjold / Marie Fisker / Matilde Nordseth / Mia Jexen & Malthe Fischer, Oh No Ono / Mikkel Olaf Eskildsen / Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild, When Saints Go Machine / Nikolaj Rasted, Hej Matematik / Nils Brakchi / Peter Funch / Rasmus Høj Mygind / Reks / Rens / Rolf Munck Petersen / Rune Bosse / Signe Lindkvist / Sketch / Skiny / Stig Pedersen, D-A-D / Søren Behnke, Papfar / Søren Fauli / Thomas Poulsen, Foss / Thomas Øvlisen / Tina Dickow / Torben Ribe / Troels Carlsen / Tue Greenfort / Ulrik Crone / Ulrik Schiødt / Ulrik Weck