Malebog # 2

Den stora nordiske malebok from Me and Anton on Vimeo.

Continue drawing with Kvium, Eliasson and 82 other artists and support Red Cross

A new and unique drawing book collects 84 of the best contemporary artists in Northern Europe. Each artist has contributed with a drawing outline for children and people who are young at heart, encouraging them to engage with the drawing. And its totally legitimate to color outside the lines!

With Contributions from Olafur Eliasson, Jeppe Hein, Magnus Wallin, Camilla Løw, Fredrik Raddum and Michael Kvium The Big Nordic Color Book becomes a true wonderland for anyone who wishes to play and learn from the best contemporary Nordic artists.

The works all encompass different expressions revealing the versatility among the artists by being funny, mind-blowing, odd and curious. Each drawing awaits your pen and desire to join the fun and fantasy.

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Create art and support Red Cross

The book was published in cooperation with Red Cross in the 3 Nordic countries. Every year a fixed sum from the sales of each book goes to the organizations daily relief work and during disasters.

The idea generator behind the project, Lærke Hein, published “Color Book 1- Continue Drawing with 66 Danish Artists”, in 2010. The book has been covered in paint by many Danes in all ages and has raised over 300.000 Danish Crowns for Danish Red Cross.

Thanks to Lifeexihibitions, Mette Pape, All the way to paris, Røde Kors, me and anton and other artits.

Following artists have contributed to “DEN STORA NORDISKE MALEBOK”:

Alexander Tovborg (DK) / Anders Sletvold Moe (NO) / Andreas Emenius (SE) / Andreas Schulenburg (DK) / Aniara Omann (DK) / BigBen (NO) / Bjørn Breistøl Båsen (NO) / Camilla Løw (NO) / Camilla Thorup (DK) / Carl Michael von Hauswolff (SE) / Catrin Andersson (SE) / Cesco (NO) / Christian Jeppsson (DK) / Christin Wahlström Eriksson (SE) / Circle (SE) / Daniel Jensen (SE) / Ditte Ejlerskov (DK) / Eivind Blaker (NO) / Emil Krøyer (DK) / Espen Henningsen (NO) / Fredrik Raddum (NO) / Gudrun Hasle (DK) / Hesselholdt & Mejlvang (DK) / Husk mit navn (DK) / Jakob Boeskov (DK) / Jan S. Hansen (DK) / Jem (DK) / Jennie Sundén (SE) / Jens Fänge (SE) / Jeppe Hein (DK) / Jesper Dalgaard (DK) / Joachim Koester (DK) / Johan Furåker (SE) / Johan Strandahl (SE) / Johanna Gustafsson Fürst (SE) / Jone Kvie (NO) / Kasper Sonne (DK) / Kathrine Ærtebjerg (DK) / Kenneth Balfelt (DK) / Kerstin Persson (SE) / Kjell Nupen (NO) / Kristoffer Akselbo (DK) / Lars Arrhenius (SE) / Lars Elling (NO) / Lars Monrad Vaage (NO) / Magnus Thierfelder (SE) / Magnus Wallin (SE) / Maria Lenskjold (DK) / Marius Engh (NO) / Markus Brendmoe (NO) / Martin Skauen (NO) / Matilde Nordseth (DK) / Mette Winkelmann (DK) / Michael Kvium (DK) / Mikael Rytz (DK) / Niklas Eneblom (SE) / Olafur Eliasson (DK) / Patrik Qvist (SE) / Pay2 COD (NO) / Peter Funch (DK) / Puppet (SE) / Rubin (SE) / Rune Bosse (DK) / Runo Lagomarsino (SE) / Sara-Vide Ericson (SE) / Sebastian Helling (NO) / Smag (DK) / Soe (DK) / Sofie Berntsen (NO) Soten (DK) / STAY KD GPT (NO) / Suzanna Asp (SE) / Søren Behncke “Papfar” (DK) / Thomas Øvlisen (DK) / Trine Lise Nedreaas (NO) / Troels Carlsen (DK) / Troels Sandegård (DK) / Ulrik Crone (DK) / Ulrik Schiødt (DK) / Ulrik Weck (DK) / Viggo Mörck (SE) / Willem Andersson (SE) / Øivin Horvei (NO) / Åsa Norberg (SE)