Ayslum united- Empowerment through soccer

Asylum United is the first refugee soccer league in the world. Our ambition is to create a soccer league where women from asylum centers play matches, build communities and friendships. After 6 months training its looks like it’s finally happening and within the next year we can start a conversation with the women about their ambition regarding the sport. Our goal is that Asylum United becomes an active part of the Danish sport unions so the woman can create relations and develop their network, and at the same time the Danish unions can develop a deeper cultural understanding.

We imagine that all this will all lead to a league under the DBU, where all refugee centers can enroll their teams with different premises based on age, for example a minimum age of 30. Apart from that we also want to build a bridge between the unions and the asylum centers so that women who don’t have access to a team at their own center can join one that belongs to DBU.


The project is about making an important difference for many women and children in the Danish refugee centers. Physical activity can be a catalyst for female self-confidence and if Danish residence is approved it also helps getting integrated into the Danish society. It’s an effort to help promote integration through women’s soccer so that they can believe in, and act on a better future. Through respect and understanding for the situation they are in we want to give them tools so they can take courage and pride in contributing to the community. We experience that a woman with a soccer ball under her arm feels more powerful and energetic which affects the people around and her view on the Danish society. Women in refugee centers are especially in need of empowerment to cope with the drastically different society they have involuntarily become a part of. It also gives them a better chance of coping with the refusal of Danish residence.

Furthermore our vision is to spread the message about being able to volunteer and making a difference from where you are. We want to create change that can spread like rings in the water and have an effect outside of the Danish borders. Soccer is the words largest sport and therefore creates a setting, which can be fun and insightful for everybody participating- no matter the starting point.
We have been working hard to create a platform where the women feel at ease and have faith in the project. That’s why we come back week after week and practice no matter what.